SecuBase for Fraud Detection service is based on machine-learning analysis by overcoming the limitation pattern analysis.
We maximize the accuracy and prediction of abnormal fraudulent transaction detection.

Why Our Service?

With increasing problems such as diversification of financial transaction channels and increasing of fraudulent mobile transactions, it is imperative for corporations to proactively respond.
With today’s pattern recognition technology, it is too difficult to recognize fraudulent transaction proactively. Therefore, we need a quick proactive response to identify fraudulent transactions. Our Machine-Learning fraudulent detection services will identify unknown fraudulent activities before it is too late.

 Maximize accuracy

We optimize our analysis through repeated analytics by applying various algorithms to improve fraudulent detection.

 Quick response in the case of new abnormal patterns

And forecast abnormal transaction by learning patterns.

 Our Technology and Result

  • – Tested and provide through Korea Internet & Security Agency (KISA) challenge
    · Problem – KISA contracted us to detect and forecast previous unknown fraudulent activity via mobile payment transactions
    · Our Solution – we provided machine-learning fraud detection analysis using machine-learning algorithms.
    · Result – Our services provided highly accurate fraud detection data analysis