With SecuBase for Insider Threat, you can protect your corporate assets by knowing in advance the risks and signs of leakage of confidential information and personal information by using AI machine-learning technology.

Why Our Service?

Insider threats are individuals who have access or intend to engage in malicious behavior, such as industrial espionage, personal information leakage and etc.
A few potential threats in a large diverse employee. Not to adversely affect normal workflows, detection targets should be narrowed to a small group of potential threats.

 Immediate / Intuitive

Proactive detection and response of internal information leakage through machine learning techniques – Allowing rapid detection, alarm, and intuitive data-driven decision.


Increase management of enterprise-wide information leakage through abnormal data detection and response.


Establishment of security policy through detailed analysis of information flow on various internal users.
Maximize enterprise continuity via risk management.